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Thursday, February 2, 2023

'Adil used me to become a star'- Rakhi angry at husband, accused of cheating

Rakhi Sawant's difficulties are not taking the name of being reduced. The actress has recently lost her mother. And now her estrangement is being seen with husband Adil Khan. In the video, he has made many allegations against Adil.

Rakhi Sawant Video Viral: The past few times have not been good for Rakhi Sawant, known as Drama Queen. The actress recently lost her mother. Apart from this, her relationship with her husband Adil Khan is also going on very tense. Recently some videos of Rakhi Sawant have surfaced in which she is seen getting angry at her husband and accusing him of cheating. Seeing Rakhi, it seems that the marriage of the actress is in danger.

Viral Bhiyani has shared some videos on his Instagram handle, Rakhi is seen crying in these videos. She is talking about husband Adil. Also giving them warning. Rakhi says in the video - I have accepted Islam with the truth. I will go for Umrah. I will fast for 30 days. I believe in God and I am a true wife. I do not want you to take any interview of Adil now and make him a star. That's what he wanted. He used me. He told me that he would leave that girl. Had also sworn on the Quran. But Adil did not block that girl and now that girl is blackmailing him.

Adil's affair with non-girls

Rakhi Sawant further accused Adil and said - now my mother is no more, otherwise I am not afraid of anything. I want to give a warning to that boy that when I was in Bigg Boss Marathi, I was taken advantage of a lot. Adil kept my marriage of 8 months a secret and went on having affairs with other girls. Let's talk sweetly. It is said that for them I am God. but it's not like that. Don't compare me with God. I am a soil and will merge into the soil. I want to become a wife, mother of children. I want to be a human.

Rakhi will reveal Adil's secret

In the end, Rakhi said that she will not show the photos and videos of Adil's affairs now. They will remain calm. But when the time comes, she will reveal all the secrets. She has warned Adil and she seems to be in the mood for revenge. It seemed that Rakhi's personal life would once again come back on track but it is not visible now. On the death of Rakhi's mother, her husband Adil was with her. everything was OK. But now Rakhi has made a shocking disclosure.

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