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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Who Was Prince Harry's Real Father? What did King Charles say about Princess Diana's boyfriend?

Prince Harry Book Spare:
In 1996, Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles after living separately for four years. He died in a road accident in 1997.

Everyone is amazed by the shocking revelations being made by Prince Harry on the British royal family . Now Prince has made another such disclosure, which has once again fueled the rumours. This is the same rumor regarding the real father of the Prince. Prince Harry claims that King Charles himself is the one who fueled this rumor .

Prince Harry has revealed in his autobiography Spare that King Charles often jokingly said that he was not Prince Harry's real father. According to the report published in The Sun, Harry has written that King Charles had a habit of joking, he used to laugh for a long time. Harry said that it was a funny joke, but his statement gave rise to the rumor that my real father was not King Charles but Major James Hewitt, his mother's former lover.

Made fun of Prince's life

Prince Harry writes that perhaps people enjoy reading that Prince Harry is not the son of King Charles. But this made my life a joke. Harry writes that Charles used to make fun of this because Prince Harry and Major James Hewitt had the same hair. Prince Harry claims that his mother and Hewitt met long after he was born.

Who was james hewitt

James Hewitt was a cavalry officer in the British Army. He met Princess Diana in 1986 at a party. Kane, who was Diana's security officer, has told in his book that when James Hewitt told Diana that he was a riding instructor, Diana said that she was afraid of horses. On this, Hewitt said that he would help in allaying their fears.

Diana was hurt by Charles's affair

By the time Princess Diana met James Hewitt, she was hurt by King Charles's affair. At that time, Charles was having an affair with Camilla, which he made public after the death of Princess Diana. At the same time, Princess Diana made public her relationship with James Hewitt during a TV interview in 1995. However, by then his relationship with Hewitt was over.

Charles and Diana were divorced in 1996

Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles in 1996 after being separated for four years after having separate affairs. Earlier in 1992, the then PM of Britain had announced that the Prince and Princess of Wales had decided to separate. Princess Diana died in a road accident in 1997.

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