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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

WhatsApp is bringing 5 great new features, this is how your life will become easier

WhatsApp Upcoming Features: Blocking unwanted contacts will be faster and easier than before. WhatsApp is introducing many features for the convenience of the users.

WhatsApp New Features: Developers have announced some major changes on WhatsApp for iOS and Android users . Some of these changes will be rolled out and tested on the beta app first. The popular messaging app has around 30 million users in the UK and over 2 billion users worldwide. At the moment it is difficult to tell when these changes will start for the users. Because WhatsApp may take months to start them.

But they can use the exciting feature of the camera. Which allows users to switch between video and camera mode more easily. Experts of WaBetaInfo have noticed the upcoming changes.

These are the possible changes of WhatsApp

Block Shortcut: Blocking unwanted contacts will be faster and easier than before. With a new shortcut that will be listed in the chat options part of the users' chat list.

There is no option yet to block multiple users at once. But new features can be expected to come in the future updates of the app.

WaBetaInfo has said that they think this feature will be very helpful for users, especially for those users who get more messages from unwanted people, whom you do not know or do not want to talk to, so you can chat You can block them immediately by opening the option.

detect text in image

The ability to detect texting images will be a helpful feature for WhatsApp users and is already being offered on the beta version of the app.

WaBetaInfo has said that to check whether your beta version has this feature or not. Simply open a photo that contains text and hit the Verify text detection button.

If the button is visible, you can start separating text from photos in your conversation.

Software for iOS users Before iOS 16, this feature was not given anywhere.

moving android chat history

It will be easy for WhatsApp Android users to move their chat history from one device to another.

This would mean that users would not have to use Google Drive to get their chat data back when they switch to a new device.

This feature is currently being worked on. And it is not clear when it will be started for Android users, but soon this feature can be started on the beta version of the app.

Forward media with caption

At present, when users share WhatsApp photos or videos to their friends or family, the photos and videos are shared without any captions. In such a situation, under this feature, the user can write a caption on his media file.

Apart from this, the user can also remove the caption from any photo or video in this feature.

WABetaInfo has said that WhatsApp is introducing an alert that informs users about the ability to share photos, videos, GIFs and documents with captions, which will be rolled out to users who have installed the latest update of the app. Will install.

This option is currently available to all beta testers and the app is also offering an alert to let users know about the feature.

whatsapp camera mode

WhatsApp is working on a camera mode that will allow users to easily switch between camera and video modes.

At present, users need to hold the camera button to record video, but this new feature will make the camera feature similar to the main feature used on iOS devices.

At present, this feature is not available on the beta version of the app as the company is working on it.

WABetaInfo has said that all these WhatsApp users will be able to record videos easily.

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