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Monday, January 2, 2023

Was Tunisha addicted to pie pie? Sheejan's family said – 100 rupees also had to be asked from the mother

Sheezan Khan Family:
Sheezan Khan's sister, arrested in Tunisha suicide case, claimed that she was planning a birthday party for the actress. He said that he had talked about this with Tunisha's mother as well.

Sheezan Khan Family Statement: In the Tunisha Sharma suicide case, Sheezan Khan 's family held a press conference on Monday and responded to the allegations leveled by the actress's mother Vanita Sharma . During this, it was claimed on behalf of the family that Tunisha Sharma, who earned lakhs, did not have money. During this, it was said on behalf of the family that the allegations like love jihad are baseless.

Giving a statement on behalf of the family, Sheejan's lawyer said, “Sanjeev Kaushal ji and Vanita ji used to completely control Tunisha and her money. If Tunisha has to eat something… there was no money in her account. She used to request her mother to send me Rs 100, send me Rs 500, send me Rs 200. His mother used to send money after several questions. Tunisha used to earn herself, yet she was very short of money.

'Mother was planning a surprise birthday for Tunisha'

Falak Naaz, sister of accused Sheejan Khan, told that January 4 was Tunisha's birthday and she was planning for her birthday. He said, “On the night of December 23, she (Tunisha's mother) called me and said Falak kya plan hai birthday. I told them that I am planning." Falak told that Tunisha's mother wanted to have a party outside on the 4th. Grand party, in which she wanted to invite the media as well. Falak said that Tunisha did not want the media. He didn't like all this. He liked family.

Falak told that that's why she was going to give a party at home on January 3. He said that Tunisha also knew that Aapi (Falak Naaz) was planning some surprise. He said that his mother had involvement in my family. He told that on the launch day of the show (Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul), Tunisha's mother and all the actors went to our house. Everyone was at our house till 4 in the morning.

'Tunisha's mental health was not right'

Sheejan's sisters said, “What is black magic? You are talking about everything except mental health. You (Tunisha's mother) did not say once that my child's mental health was not good and I did not pay attention… In 2018, Tunisha had clearly said in an article that after the death of my grand mother and cousin sister Since then I was getting very anxious. I used to feel zombie when I used to go on the set. She has gone by speaking so clearly. And her mother is still saying her daughter just had OCD."

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