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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Naked village: There is a ban on wearing clothes in this village, people live naked

Ajab Gajab News: There are many communities in the world who spend their lives without clothes. One such village has been told here where women and men all live without clothes.

People Without Clothes: Food, cloth and house, these three things are the basic needs of humans. If any one of these things is removed then it is a bit difficult to imagine life. This news is about the dress of man. The dress of any country is directly related to the culture of that country. Humans are the only creature in the whole world who wears clothes, but you will be surprised to know that even today there are many such communities on earth who do not wear clothes. Many tribal communities don't wear clothes but tribal societies usually keep themselves away from the mainstream but here the community which is being mentioned here is very educated and the village which is being mentioned here is much more It is advance.

People live without clothes in this village

There is a village named Spielplatz in Britain where people have chosen to live without clothes for almost 94 years. This village is near Briquetwood in Hertfordshire. Here both men and women have to remain naked. One special thing here is that the people who come to visit here also have to live like this. The lifestyle of the people of Spielplatz is very advanced. You can understand this in such a way that the village has its own pub, swimming pool and many other facilities. The credit for settling this village is given to Isult Richardson. Richardson settled it in the year 1929. There is an exemption to wear clothes here during the cold.

Why do people live here naked

Isult Richards, who settled this village, believed that he wanted to get away from the noise of the city because he had to live close to nature. With this kind of lifestyle, the people of the village consider themselves close to nature. Let us tell you that when the foundation of this village was laid, there was a lot of opposition regarding it, but due to the right to live, all the protests had to be stopped. Significantly, the 'Jarwa' tribal tribe living on an island of Andaman in India also spends its life without clothes.

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