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Friday, January 13, 2023

FIH Men's Hockey WC 2023: There Will Be 44 Matches Between 16 Teams; See Full Schedule Here

FIH Men's Hockey WC, Hockey World Cup, Hockey World Cup 2023: The FIH Men's Hockey World Cup will be played from 13 January 2023 to 29 January 2023 at Bhubaneswar (Kalinga Stadium) and Rourkela (Birsa Munda Stadium) in Odisha. Only 5 days are left for this hockey event. A total of 16 teams are participating in the event. 44 matches will be played between them, the deciding match will be held on January 29.

There are a total of 4 pools in the tournament. Group stage matches will be played from 13 to 20 January. After crossover matches on 22 and 23 January, quarter-finals on 24 and 25 January, matches for 9th to 16th places on 26 and 28 January, semi-finals on 27 January and matches for top four places on 29 January. All matches of FIH Men's Hockey World Cup 2023 will be available on Star Sports Network. Whereas live streaming can be seen on Disney + Hotstar.

4 Pools Are As Follows

Pool A: Argentina, France, South Africa, Australia

Pool B: Belgium, South Korea, German, Japan 

Pool C: Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Chile 

Pool D: India, England, Spain, Wales

13 January

Argentina vs South Africa (Bhubaneswar) 1:00 PM

Australia vs France (Bhubaneswar) 3:00 PM

England vs Wales (Rourkela) 5:00 PM

India vs Spain (Rourkela) 7:00 PM

14 January

New Zealand vs Chile (Rourkela) 1:00 PM

Netherlands vs Malaysia (Rourkela) 3:00 PM

Belgium vs Korea (Bhubaneswar) 5:00 PM

Germany vs Japan (Bhubaneswar) 7:00 PM

15 January

Spain vs Wales (Rourkela) 5:00 PM

England vs India (Rourkela) 7:00 PM

16 January

Malaysia vs Chile (Rourkela) 1:00 PM

New Zealand vs Netherlands (Rourkela) 3:00 PM

France vs South Africa (Bhubaneswar) 5:00 PM

Argentina vs Australia (Bhubaneswar) 7:00 PM

17 January

Korea v Japan (Bhubaneswar) 5:00 PM

Germany v Belgium (Bhubaneswar) 7:00 PM

19 January

Malaysia vs New Zealand (Bhubaneswar) 1:00 PM

Netherlands vs Chile (Bhubaneswar) 3:00 PM

Spain vs England (Bhubaneswar) 5:00 PM

India vs Wales (Bhubaneswar) 7:00 PM

20 January

Australia vs South Africa (Rourkela) 1:00 PM

France vs Argentina (Rourkela) 3:00 PM

Belgium vs Japan (Rourkela) 5:00 PM

Korea vs Germany (Rourkela) 7:00 PM

24 January

Quarterfinal 1 (Bhubaneswar) - 4:30 PM

Quarterfinal 2 (Bhubaneswar) - 7 pm

25 January

3rd Quarterfinal (Bhubaneswar) - 4:30 PM

Fourth Quarterfinal (Bhubaneswar) - 7:00 PM

26 January

Placement Match (9th-16th)

27 January

1st Semi Final - Bhubaneswar - 4:30 PM

2nd Semi Final - Bhubaneswar - 7 PM

29 January

Bronze Medal Match - 4:30 PM

Gold Medal Match - 7 PM

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