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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Apologize… The plane flew hours before leaving 32 passengers, the airline realized the mistake

Scoot airline has apologized for the flight that took off 4 hours before the scheduled time without taking 32 passengers. The aircraft had taken off from Amritsar Airport for Singapore on 18 January.

Yesterday i.e. on January 18, a Singapore-bound flight from Shri Guru Ramdas Ji International Airport in Amritsar, Punjab, boarded without taking 32 passengers. Actually, the departure time of the aircraft was changed and every passenger did not get its update. He reached the airport at the pre-scheduled time, there he came to know that the plane had already taken off. Scoot Airline has now apologized for this incident.

A Scoot spokesperson said the flight was rescheduled to depart Amritsar at 3:45 pm on January 18 due to inclement weather. The earlier scheduled time of the flight was 7.55 pm. The spokesperson said that Scoot sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused. We are working to provide the necessary assistance to the affected customers.

At the same time, earlier officials said that all the passengers were informed about the change in timings through e-mail by their booking agents. However, passengers who could not board said that their booking agent did not inform them about the change in departure time.

263 passengers reached the airport on time

Shri Guru Ramdas Ji International Airport Director VK Seth said that all the booking agents were informed in time and passed on the information to their customers. But, only an agent could not inform his passengers and why he could not. He said that the 263 passengers who boarded the aircraft had reached the airport on time.

VK Seth said that if we talk about the change in flight timings, a proper procedure was followed as it is done with prior approval from the Airports Authority of India apart from all the concerned authorities.

The passengers left at the airport had to face a lot of trouble. He remained at the airport for a long time. It is said that when he came to know about the departure of the plane, he also created a ruckus.

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