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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Top 3 courses of the year 2023 in which you will get a lot of jobs, this report will surprise you

What will be the highest job giving sectors and top courses in New Year 2023? This has been disclosed in the India Skills Report 2023. This report may be of use to you.

New year 2023 is about to come. Earlier Wheebox has released India Skills Report 2023. This report tells that which courses are going to dominate in India in the coming year. Because these are the top courses in which there will be maximum chances of getting jobs. Those who do this course will be capable of most jobs. In terms of employability , they can be called winners. While reading this, the course (B.Tech) which would be coming first in your mind is at number three in this list. So who are the top 2? You might not have even thought about number 1. This report is really shocking.

According to the Wheebox India Skills Report, in 2023, companies in India have predicted 36.08 percent hiring demand. It has also been told in the report that in the New Year, which will be the sectors in which maximum hiring will take place?

What are the Top Courses 2023?

The report states that BTech is at number three in the list of top courses in 2023. The employability of those doing Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is 57.44 percent. That is, 57.44% of engineering students are employable.

MBA comes second. The employability of this course is 60.1 percent. While the topper of this list is B.Com. Students doing BCom top the list in terms of employability in India with 60.62 per cent.

In which sectors will there be more hiring?

According to the skills report, in the year 2023, the maximum hiring in India will be in the sectors of automotive, engineering and internet business. As far as the skills market is concerned, the demand for skilled labor will be high in BFSI, Pharma, E-commerce and IT / ITES sectors. There will be 20 percent more recruitment in these areas in 2023 as compared to 2022.

It has been claimed in this report that India needs to make significant changes at the policy level. So that the participation of women in both private and government sectors of the country can be increased. Right now, if we talk about the total workforce of the country, women are only 33 percent and the number of men is 67 percent.

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