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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What is the monthly income of Narendra Modi?

Basic Salary
- Rs. 1,65,000/-

DA - Rs. 1,93,050/-

Parliamentary Allowance - Rs. 45,000/-

MP Special Allowance - Rs. 45,000/-

House Attedance Fees - Rs. 2400/- per Day for a minimum of 10 days a month - Rs. 24,000/- (During sessions he gets much more)

Other Allowances- Rs. 35,000/-

Total - Rs. 5,07,050/-


Canteen Payments- Rs. 4,750/- (Rs. 120/- plus GST for a Vegetarian Meal, Rs. 10/- for Tea)

TDS on Pay - Rs. 98,800/-

Deduction for PM Corpus Fund - Rs. 32,600/- (The Corpus Fund pays Retired PMS for their Medical Expenses and their Security after retirement)

Deduction for PM SPS - Rs. 20,500/-

Total Deductions - Rs. 1,56,650/-

Net Salary Credited to Account - Rs. 3,50,400/-

PM SPS Minimum is Rs. 20,500/-

I am assuming he makes no other investment so his basic Income Tax is Rs. 99000 per month after Deduction and Rs. 1 Lac under 80 DDB and other exemptions.

He has availed no special parliamentary loans as MP or PM on personal basis

Mr Singh contributed Rs. 29630/- in 2014 as his last payment to PM Corpus so i am assuming Modi is paying around 10% more.

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