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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The film story of 'Golden Girl', know the journey from Netflix to National Games

Shraddha Gaikwad, who worked in Netflix's film Skater Girl, has won the gold medal in Skateboarding Street at the National Games.

After waiting for seven years, the country is getting a chance to see many emerging talents in the National Games. This time skateboarding has also been included in the National Games. Pune's Shraddha Gaikwad won the gold medal in the women's section of Skabboarding Street. Gaikwad's film story finally achieved this golden status. Born in a small town away from Pune, whatever she has got in life so far, she has got it only because of sports. The story of Shraddha working in films is also very filmy.

Father used to work as guard

Shraddha's family earlier lived in Beed, away from Pune, which is included in the most backward areas of Maharashtra. In search of a job, the father came to Pune with the family. It was here that he got a job as a guard in the store of Decathlon (a big sporting goods brand). Shraddha was only 12 years old then. Shraddha used to go to the store everyday with food for her father. It was here that he once saw someone skating on a skateboard. Shraddha liked this game very much. After this, after giving food to her father every day, she started skateboarding.

Shraddha's talent got the support of luck

According to the news of The Tribune , seeing Shraddha doing skateboarding, Srikanth, who worked in the store, decided to train her. The next twist in Shraddha's story came when a skateboarding workshop was held in the same store. Here coach Swapnil Magre saw Shraddha for the first time and decided to train her. Luck also favors those who work hard. Seeing Shraddha's hard work, the store manager gave her free shoes and a skateboard. Shraddha's father could not believe it. He first thought that Shraddha had stolen shoes and boards, but knowing the truth, he was very proud of his daughter.

Received offers from ed to films

The biggest twist in Shraddha's story came when she reached Bengaluru to participate in the Jugaad International Skateboarding Competition. She was feeling a lot of pressure and started crying, however after talking to the family, her confidence increased and she won the bronze medal here. This victory gave him a chance to come out of the life of poverty. He started getting offers from Ed and then one day he got a chance to work in the Netflix film Skater Girl. All this became possible only because of skateboarding.

National Games gold is just the beginning

Shraddha won gold in the National Games, which is her first gold at the senior level. However, this is only the beginning of his career. 16-year-old Shraddha has where to win. She is dreaming of winning a medal in the Olympics for her country. Skating has also been included in last year's Tokyo Olympics, which has further boosted Shraddha's hopes. She wants the film's story to end by reaching the Olympic podium.

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