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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

'I don't think they will have a problem...' when Rekha hinted at Jaya's relationship with Amitabh

The love story of Amitabh and Rekha is not hidden from anyone. During an interview, Rekha expressed her love and gave many hints pointing towards Jaya Bachchan.

Everyone is aware of the fairytale love story of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha. Their love story is still a topic of gossip for the people. Even though Amitabh Bachchan has married Jaya Bachchan, but his Pyaar Ka Punchnama has happened only with Rekha. Not us but the headlines going on for years say so. The love story of these two became a mystery for everyone, because both of them never openly expressed their love. Years have passed since their love story, but this pair is the evergreen couple in the industry which can never be old or boring. Whatever the fans hear about them, they do not feel satisfied.

If reports are to be believed, Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha started dating each other during the 1976 film Do Anjaane. People got an idea of ​​their reel life chemistry when Amitabh lost his cool on his co-star after misbehaving with Rekha on the sets of the film Ganga Ki Saugandh. Only after that the rumors flying about both of them caught the headlines. However, Amitabh and Rekha never accepted this thing in public. It was Yash Chopra, the director of the film Silsila, who revealed the relationship between the two.

After this, Rekha, who came as a guest in Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, a popular show of those days, hosted an episode. Where, Silsila Rekha spoke openly about her personal relationship with Jaya Bachchan. Not only this, the actress also talked about her alleged relationship with Big B. The actress hinted that Amitabh is making Jaya insecure.

In the interview, Rekha had pointed towards Jaya

Further, when Simi asked Rekha a question about her relationship with Amitabh, she pointed to Jaya and said, "Absolutely! I don't think Jaya will be so insecure." Simi replied, “Yes, and a woman is so safe because the man has given her protection.” To which Rekha hurriedly said, "Not at all."

When Amitabh had denied relationship with Rekha

After this, Rekha talked about Amitabh's denial of himself and their relationship in an interview in the year 1984. He told Filmfare magazine , "Why shouldn't he have done this? He did this to protect his image, his family, his children. Why should people know about my love for him or what his love for me was? I love him and he loves me - that's it! If he had reacted like this to me in private, I would have felt bad. Mr Bachchan is still old-fashioned. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, so why would he hurt his wife?

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