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Friday, October 7, 2022

Cough syrup should not be given to a child younger than two years old, know its disadvantages from experts

Experts say that cough syrup should be used only according to the advice of doctors. There are many cough syrups that can harm the body.

The World Health Organization has appealed not to use cough and cold syrups made by an Indian pharmaceutical company. The WHO says that 66 children have died in The Gambia after drinking this syrup. After this incident, experts have also cautioned people about the use of syrup. According to doctors, it is often seen that in homes, parents give cough syrup to young children when they have cough or fever. Sometimes the dosage of the syrup becomes too high, due to which the children start having many types of problems.

Let us know what pediatricians have to say about this.

Pediatrician Dr. Arun Shah told TV9 Bharatvarsh that many things should be kept in mind before giving cough syrup to children. According to the guideline, cough-syrup should not be given to a child younger than 2 years old. Giving syrup to these children can cause great harm to the body. Syrup should be given to children above 2 years of age only if the child is unable to sleep due to cough.

Doctor Shah says that cough and cold in children gets cured on its own. But people think that giving medicine or syrup will give relief to the child, whereas it is not so. If there is an overdose of the syrup by mistake, then it has many disadvantages. In such a situation, parents should try not to give syrup at all in common cough or fever.

Syrup is given only in severe cases

Dr. Shah told that cough syrup is given to children only when they have bronchitis or a serious infection like pneumonia. Syrup should not be given in common fever and cold at all. In view of the dangerous effect of cough syrup, the government has banned many cough syrups. Dr Shah says that many doctors prescribe medicines like Corex to children, which can cause a lot of damage.

Dr. Arun told that cough and cold in children is a common virus. In many cases, cough or fever is a good sign. If the fever is not coming down for four or five days. If the child's stomach is bloated or urine is not coming, then the doctor should be consulted. The child should be given this syrup only if the doctor recommends it.

Overdose of any medicine can be fatal

Senior Physician Dr. Kawaljit Singh says that one of the reasons for the death of children in The Gambia can be an overdose of medicine. At the same time, there is a possibility that where the medicine is made, some dangerous salt has been accidentally found in it, although the complete information will be known only after the report of the drug sample, but in this case people should keep in mind that any An overdose of medicine or syrup should also not be taken.

For example, if you take a medicine like Paracetamol three times a day, it will also damage the kidney. In such a situation, it is important that if there is a mild infection, fever or cold, then never take the syrup.

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