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Friday, September 30, 2022

Navratri 2022: What is the importance of satvik food in Navratri? Why is garlic-onion prohibited?

Shardiya Navratri is going on, in which fasts are kept for the entire nine days. During this, garlic-onion is completely prohibited and only satvik food is important. Sattvic food includes foods like grains and fruits. In Hindu scriptures, sattvik food is considered pure and the best.

In Navratri fasting, only satvik food is considered pure.
Rahu-Ketu is related to the reason for not eating garlic-onion for 9 days in Navratri.
In Hinduism, garlic-onion is considered as a tamasic food.

Navratri 2022 Food: Sharadiya Navratri, the biggest festival of worship of Maa Durga, has started from 26 September 2022. Nine forms of Goddess Bhagwati are worshiped in Navratri. From the temple to the puja pandal and from house to house, the Kalash is established and the Akhand Jyoti is lit. Along with this, there is also a law to keep fast for the entire nine days in Navratri. During this time only sattvik food can be consumed. Meat-temples are completely prohibited, but along with this, garlic and onion are also sacrificed for nine days in Navratri. Delhi's Acharya Gurmeet Singh ji knows why garlic-onion is forbidden in Navratri and what is the importance of sattvik food.

There are three types of food There are three types of food
in Hindu scriptures, which include sattvik food, rajasic food and tamasic food. Rajasic food is cooked in the houses of kings and emperors. A lot of spices and oil and ghee are used in such food. Tamasic food is called non-vegetarian food. It also includes food made from garlic-onion. Sattvic food is said to be such a diet, in which sattva quality is predominant.

What is sattvik food
From Hindu scriptures to yoga and Ayurveda, the importance of sattvic food has been told. Garlic-onion is not used in sattvik food. It is made in less oil and spices. Such food is digestible for the body as well as full of nutrition and energy. Sadhus and saints take only satvik food.

Importance of sattvik food in
Navratri There is a law to eat sattvik food even during the fast of nine days of Navratri because the festival of Navaratri is associated with purity and purity. Therefore, only pure things should be taken in it. Sattvic food includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables, milk, pulses, nuts, butter etc. For fasting, sattvik food is prepared with rock salt.

Why garlic-onion is forbidden
in Navratri In Hinduism, garlic-onion is prohibited during all fast-festivals and worship along with Navratri. It is believed that the nectar urn came out in the churning of the ocean. To get this nectar, a war broke out between the gods and the demons. Then Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini to distribute the nectar equally among the asuras and the deities. But Rahu-Ketu sat in the line of the gods and drank the nectar.

When Lord Vishnu came to know about this, he severed the head of Rahu-Ketu with Sudarshan Chakra. It is said that the drops of blood emanating from it fell on the earth and garlic-onion originated from these drops. This is the reason why the consumption of garlic-onion is prohibited during Navratri and fasting festivals.

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