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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Action on 27 million posts of Facebook and Instagram in India, know what will be the punishment

Facebook and Instagram-owned company Meta says it has taken action on the first 173 million spam posts. After this, action has been taken on 23 lakh posts, which were violating the policy of Meta.

Meta, the owner of big social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, has made a big disclosure. Meta says that it has taken strong action on 27 million Facebook and Instagram posts in India. He has done this action in July this year. Meta released its monthly transparency report on Wednesday. According to the report of PTI, according to this report of Meta, the company has taken action on 2.5 Facebook posts and 20 lakh Instagram posts. The posts that Meta took the most action are spam posts.

Action on terrorism related posts

Meta on Facebook said that it took action on 1.73 million spam content. After this, 23 lakh posts related to "Violent and Graphic Content" and "Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity" were processed. PTI in its report said that Meta itself has identified 9.98 lakh content related to "Dangerous Organizations and Individuals: Terrorism". Meta has processed 99.8 percent of these posts.

Action on Instagram post

Meta has given the reason in its report on the action taken on the Instagram post. According to Meta, Instagram's posts taken action violate Meta's "suicide and self-injury", "adult pornography and sexual activity" and "violent and graphic" policies. Meta received 1,033 personally submitted complaints on Instagram.

META received complaints

Meta received 626 complaints sent in person on Facebook between July 1 and July 31. All these complaints have been received through the Indian Grievance Mechanism. Meta has responded to 100% of the complaints out of 626 complaints. Meta has provided user tools to deal with 603 of these cases. Meta has also provided tools to users to solve the 945 case of Instagram.

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