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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Interesting: Employees get this facility during lunch break, knowing that you would also like to do a job here

Viral Video:  In today's era of cut-throat competition in the office, many people are getting sick due to not taking proper care of themselves. At the same time, there are some companies in the world that pay full attention to the health and overall development of their employees. In such a situation, to get rid of the pressure on the workplace, a company has given the facility to its employees to take some sleep naps during the lunch break. In fact, after drinking a lot of food in lunch, people start feeling lethargic and because of this they are not able to do their work with full enthusiasm after lunch break, that is, they are not able to use their caliber 100 percent properly, in such a situation, this company has started its employees. The idea of ​​giving this facility to everyone is going viral.

video shared on linkedin

Let us tell you that a user named Pascal Bornet shared this video on LinkedIn post, then this video started going viral on social media. Many people are not able to believe just by watching the 9 second video whether it is really an office or a rest room of a railway station where people are resting to relax. Actually, the reason for thinking like this is that not a single computer is visible in the video. In the viral video, you can see that there are some folding beds with a desk. In the beginning, a woman is seen sitting and running a mobile, but after a few seconds she changes the seat in the bed and sleeps comfortably by wearing a sheet.

you also watch video

It is written in the caption of this video that office lunch naps are quite common in some countries of Asia. Doctors also recommend it. Do you think this should happen across cultures and countries as well? Let us tell you that this post has got thousands of likes and shares. Different types of reactions are coming on this video.

We have told you in some of our earlier news articles that in some countries including Japan, there is a trend of having nap in lunch break like this. Those who take advantage of this facility say that with this facility found at the workplace, their brain and eyes get rest and their efficiency has also improved. However, it is far-fetched to have this happen in our country at the moment. Therefore, everyone should work diligently and sincerely, keeping in mind the saying of the king and the subjects.

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