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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Breast milk is beneficial for premature baby's heart health - research

Breast milk: Premature children or adults have a higher risk of heart failure and other heart diseases.

Breast milk Benefits: From doctor to grandmother, mother's milk has many benefits, but do you know that if a premature baby ie prematurely born children drink mother's milk, then their heart health and their development are normal children. Happens like.

According to the news of Dainik Jagran, in this study conducted on 80 prematurely born (premature) children in Ireland's RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, it was found that the children whose dependence on mother's milk was more By the time he was one year old, the heart function was similar to that of normal babies born at full time.

The research professor of pediatrics at Arsisai Afif al-Khuffashi conclusion has lead this study JAMA has published (JAMA) networks Open Journal.

Risk to Premature Children
According to research, premature babies or adults are at a higher risk of heart failure including heart failure, diseases like high blood pressure, and death due to heart-related diseases. The apprehension remains.

Researchers believe that there are some abnormalities commonly seen in premature babies, including reduced ventricle (ventricle) size, reduced heart rate and contractility, and disproportionate increase in muscle mass. Due to these malformations, the heart in such children works less than normal children and this problem persists till adolescence.

What came out in
the study From this study it has been found that after the birth of the child, if he is given only breast milk for a month, then the functioning of the heart becomes normal to a great extent. It has also been found that babies born prematurely who drank more breast milk had better functioning of the right and left side of the heart and lower lung pressure compared to babies who drank formula milk. I have good heart health. This condition was observed for a year after being discharged from the hospital. Researcher Al-Khufashi claims that this is the first study on early nutrition and its effect on the heart in premature babies.

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