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Friday, August 13, 2021

Virgin girls should never try to touch Shivling, otherwise there will be a big crisis


Shravan Mass, which is dear to the devotees and the Lord Himself, has started from today. Fasting in the meantime is a favorite companion and a source of unbroken good fortune. Thus there are many benefits to worshiping Rudrabhishek, Shiva-Parvati in the month of Shravan. It is said that worshiping Lord Shiva during this month removes our troubles and takes blessings of happiness and prosperity from God. However, the mistakes made during this time also lead to troubles. Today we are going to tell you about some similar mistakes here.b

Do not touch Shivling even by mistake

In Dharma-Puranas, many rituals of worshiping Shivaji are mentioned. Both idols and Shivlings are worshiped by Lord Bhola. Moreover, Rudrabhishek belongs to Shivling only. When anointing the Shivling at such a time, it should always be kept in mind that it is considered taboo for virgins to touch the Shivling. Moreover, married women should refrain from touching Shivling.

That's why don't touch

The reason behind touching the Shivling to virgin girls and women is also given in the scriptures. In fact Shivling is a symbol of divine energy. If married people worship it. So love and happiness come into their lives. The offspring find happiness. Moreover, virgins are considered out of bounds in thinking about having children. So they should not touch Shivling.

In addition, Goddess Parvati gets annoyed when women touch the Shivling. At the same time, it is forbidden to touch the Shivling so that the sleep of the penitent Shiva is not disturbed. Otherwise Lord Shiva has to suffer the displeasure of Goddess Parvati. So it would be better to stay away and worship only Lord Shivling.

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