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Monday, August 23, 2021

Skin care: Do not ignore these things while applying perfume, there may be trouble

Some people love to apply perfume. 
They use perfume of a particular brand or a particular fragrance. Perfume is used to reduce the smell of sweat from the body. Apart from this, the mood of whomever you meet is also good. Some people may have skin irritation and rashes after applying perfume. At the same time, some people choose the wrong perfume which can increase your problem. Many people make common mistakes while applying perfume, which should be avoided. Let us know about these mistakes.

rub off perfume

You must have seen many people who rub their hands after applying perfume on their wrists. Don't make such mistake at all. Because it is changed in the perfume of the perfume. Because of this, the perfume quickly flies from the body. Apart from this, people who have sensitive skin may have a problem of irritation.

Strong smelling perfume

While buying perfume, many people like to buy strong smelling perfume. Its strong smell can cause headache and runny nose. While using this perfume, note that spray a few drops of it in the air.

perfume on clothes

Many people apply perfume on their clothes instead of their body. Don't repeat such mistake. Perfume should always be applied on the body. This keeps the smell for a long time. Apart from this, applying perfume on clothes leaves marks and due to the sweat and heat of the body, the perfume does not last long.

Buying Perfumes From Others

Never buy perfume of others' choice. Always choose the perfume which you like and is right for the body. While buying perfume, make sure that you are not allergic to it. Always buy good brand and good quality only. Get a skin test done while buying perfume.

Spray perfume all over the body

Perfume should never be applied all over the body. This not only ruins the expensive perfume, but also the smell fades away quickly. Therefore, always apply perfume on a long-lasting place. Such parts of the body are knees, inner part of elbow, back part of neck and can apply on wrist.

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