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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Male menopause also occurs in men after the age of 45, there are many other changes

Changes After Age Of 45: After the age of 45, we need to take special care of our bones, heart and brain.

How To Stay Strong After 45: There are many changes in our body as we age, but at the age of 45, there are some such changes in our body which are very important for us to know. Do you know that after the age of 45, there is a lot of effect on our skin, health and stamina. We start facing some such problems which we have never even imagined before. Such as weakness in bones, loss of teeth, thinning of hair, lack of metabolism, low levels of testosterone in men and weakening of heart etc. Therefore, after the age of 45, we need to take special care of our bones, heart and brain.

In a report of NBT, MD Medicine Dr Milind Prakashkar has told that after this age the de-generation of the body starts and it can also be called male menopause or andropause. He has given 4 major changes in the body after 45 and ways to prevent it. Along with this, he has also told some exercises for bones and heart, which we can include in our daily routine to face the challenge of big changes after the age of 45.

Decreases Length
After the age of 45, the length can be reduced by 1 to 3 inches. After this age, the degradation of cells starts rapidly. The density of bones starts decreasing. Along with this, the amount of water in the body also starts decreasing. After this age, the height decreases by about 1 cm every 10 years.

Which exercise is necessary for bones?
For strong bones, we should do 30 minutes of weight exercise 4 days a week. Meaning weight lifting exercise is best for bones. They force it to work against gravity, making the bones stronger.

Blood pump is low up to 400 ml.
After the age of 45, the heartbeat can be less than 60 beats per minute. With this, the efficiency of the blood pump decreases by 5 to 10 percent every 10 years. Usually at the age of 25 the hard pumps 2.4 liters of blood, while at 45 it is reduced to 2 liters.

Exercise for the
Heart Do 30 minutes of cardio exercise with a maximum heart rate of 80 percent. Means jogging, jumping, cycling, jumping rope etc. The maximum heart rate can be found by subtracting the present age from 220. Do cardio exercise 4 days a week for 30 minutes at 80 percent of its capacity.

calories that our body burns when the metabolism is at rest is called RMR. On the other hand, the calories that are burned on hard work are called NEAT. After the age of 45, the calories burned through these activities are 10 to 30 less.

Which exercise to do?
Take a walk for 15 minutes after having dinner. The doctor suggests that even if you do not exercise much, but take a walk for 15 minutes after eating, this will improve metabolism.

After 40, the weight of the brain starts decreasing by about 5 percent every 10 years. The connections between neurons begin to decrease. There is less blood flow in the brain, sometimes it happens that there is a problem in recalling words in remembering new names.

Make full use of all senses For
better memory, all five senses eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin should be used. It is related to our feelings.

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