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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Know 5 toxic lifestyle habits that can prove to be dangerous like smoking

In our modern life, we certainly have habits that we feel fine to follow but in reality, our health and immune systems can gradually decline. 
Experts share 5 habits that can be as toxic and dangerous for your body as smoking.

insufficient sleep

Have you noticed how cynical and irritable you become the next day if you don't sleep properly? This is one of the side effects of neglecting quality sleep. According to health professionals, we should get at least 6 hours of sleep every day to ensure that our body is rejuvenating at its natural pace. Any compromise in sleeping hours negatively affects your immune system, respiratory and digestive systems.

eating a high animal-protein diet

Excess consumption of food rich in animal protein like cheese and meat can promote the development of cancer due to a hormone called IGF1. The risk factor for this is equal to smoking. To avoid excessive intake of such proteins, include plant proteins like beans in your diet.

prolonged sitting time

Being glued to your chair all day when you go to the office is as dangerous as smoking. Studies have linked prolonged sitting, whether for work or driving, to different cancers such as lung, breast and colon. Make sure to walk around every one or two hours and then go on with your work.

isolate oneself

As much time is needed, it is still not right to keep yourself in solitude. As COVID-19 has entered our lives and changed the definition of normal life, physical distancing is recommended and not social distancing. It is okay to be alone but it is not okay to be alone and there is a very thin line between the two words which can be a bit difficult for someone to understand.

This is another thing due to which a person can suffer from heart diseases. Not only this, it invites additional ailments like anxiety, emotional disturbances and even harmful addictions. Try to make some good friends who will listen to you even when you are less.

sitting indoors

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients our body needs when it needs to build or regain immunity and the sun is a great source of it, so sitting indoors 24/7 can help your body. Vitamin-D deficiency can occur which can increase the risk of diseases including COVID-19.

(Disclaimer: Based on research and several studies, this article is completely informative. However, Digital does not independently verify this report.)

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