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Friday, August 13, 2021

Keep any one of these things in your purse, Pockets will never be empty

The most important thing today is money. 
It is said that money cannot buy happiness but the reality is that if you have money you can have everything today. Money can buy all the comforts of life. So having money can keep your family happy. Today we are going to tell you about seven things, if you follow any one of them, you will never run out of money and Maa Lakshmi's grace will continue to rain.

Photo of Lakshmi in

According to astrology, everyone should keep a photo of Lakshmi in a seated posture in his purse. Doing so will never leave you with money in your purse.

Keep these things with the rupee

In astrology it is said that after invoking the leaf of Pipal, see the auspicious moment and keep it in your purse. By doing this you will never have to feel miserable in your life.

Red colored paper

It is said to keep a knot in a purse with silk thread saying your wish on red paper. Doing so will make your wish come true sooner.

Holy rice

We all know that rice has a special significance in Hinduism. It is said that if you keep a pinch of rice in your purse, you will never waste money and there will be no shortage of money.

Money will always have Rs

According to astrologers, if you receive a note of blessing from a parent or an elder, you should put saffron and turmeric on the note and keep it in your purse. With the blessing of the elders, your purse will never be empty.

Keep Gomti Chakra in the purse

You should keep money in your purse as well as a cody or gomti chakra.

Lakshmi's abode will be in the purse

You can keep Lakshmi related Gomti Chakra, Samudri Kodi, Kamalgatta, Silver Coin etc. in your purse. Before putting any one of these in your purse, keep it at Lakshmiji's feet for a while. It is said that by doing so you will never run out of money.

(Note: The instructions in this article are based on general information and assumptions. does not endorse them.)

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