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Monday, August 16, 2021

Indian Idol 12 Winner Pawandeep rajan gave a special message to his fans

The singing reality show Indian Idol 12 has had its grand finale and this season has been named after Pawandeep Rajan of Uttarakhand. 
By defeating all the contestants, Pawandeep has won the trophy of the show. The grand finale of Indian Idol has run for 12 hours. The first runner up of the show was Arunita Kanjilal. After winning the show, Pawandeep has given a special message for his fans.

After winning the show, Pawandeep has thanked his fans who voted for him as well as gave him a lot of votes throughout the season. Pawandeep was often on top in terms of voting in the show.

Said thank you to the fans

In an interview given to Bollywood Life, Pawandeep has thanked his fans. He said- bowing with folded hands and thank you very much to all those people. For giving so much love, so much respect and so much support and everyone take care of themselves in Kovid. Very soon it will end and everyone will come back to normal routine.

Message given for friends and finalists too

After his fans, Pawandeep also thanked his friends and the finalists of Indian Idol. He said- I would like to congratulate him that he came first runner up. All are winners and I will give the trophy to everyone to keep in their house for a month. Will give the car to everyone for a month. Run everyone because everyone is a winner and we are all going to live together and work together. It was the format of a show which was completed and we are all together in the life ahead of it.

This was the first reaction after winning the trophy

Pawandeep also shared his first reaction after winning the show. He said- It looks great. We were 6 together and our family was complete and I wanted everyone to meet. All are serving and anyone's name comes except me, it is only serving. But I have got this trophy, due to which it is my responsibility to play it well and I will try my best.

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