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Friday, August 27, 2021

If you use anti-bacterial soap, it is very important to know these things

Bad Effects of Antibacterial Soap: Using Antibacterial Soap can cause harm instead of benefit.

Bad effects of Antibacterial Soap: Although anti-bacterial soap or liquid was in trend in rich countries long ago, but after the corona epidemic, its trend has increased worldwide with anti-bacterial soap. Even anti-bacterial and anti-viral liquids have come to clean the floor. There are many such liquids or soaps in the market which are claimed to be anti-bacterial. When people buy it, they bring it thinking that it will keep the house safe. There will be no bacterial attack. If you also think so, then you are wrong because it does more harm than benefit.

normal soap is better
American Food and Drug Administration The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised to avoid buying such a product. The FDA has said that there is no science to prove that antibacterial soap or liquid kills bacteria. There is no evidence that the disease will not occur if the hands are washed with antibacterial soap instead of water and normal soap. Till date it has not been proved that there is some benefit from the use of antibacterial soap. Instead, the FDA has said that questions have always been raised about the health effects of antibacterial soap. In 2013, the FDA asked antibacterial soap makers to provide proof of its benefits, but no company could tell its benefits. After this, the FDA advised people to use normal soap and normal water instead of antibacterial soap.

Harmful chemicals in the product
After a series of investigations, the FDA found that all antiseptic wash products, such as liquid, foam, gel hand soap, bar soap, and body wash, include triclosan and triclocarbon. Dangerous chemicals called triclocarban) are found. Some research has found that triclogen contains a carcinogenic compound that causes cancer. Both these chemicals harm the living organism. It is also harmful for the environment. This is the reason why the FDA banned the inclusion of triclosan and triclocarbon in these products.

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