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Thursday, August 5, 2021

If you have this bad habit, you will never succeed in life, get rid of it immediately

Ethics says that a person's success or failure depends on his habits. 
There are some bad habits that make even rich people miserable. Success is far from such. Let us know what is a bad habit and how to avoid it.

Alcohol consumption destroys everything

Alcohol is described in the scriptures as the provider of things, i.e. the alcohol that destroys the intellect and gives ego to the mind. No matter how much a drunken person earns. He has nothing to grow. Such individuals also destroy the wealth and reputation accumulated by their ancestors.

The cause of destruction is gambling

Gambling is considered a cause of destruction. The greatest example of this is the Mahabharata. The Pandavas lost their kingdom due to gambling. When you put money in any kind of bet, lottery, it is a form of gambling and it also destroys money.

Laziness is man's first enemy

According to ethics, man's first enemy is his laziness. A person who is busy resting his body instead of karma. Goddess Lakshmi always stays away from him. When even a poor person immerses his body in karma, his poverty is quickly eradicated. So to be successful in life you have to give up laziness.

People who get too much sleep

The habit of sleeping during the day is described in the scriptures as a destroyer of wealth. According to the scriptures a person who gets a lot of sleep or sleep during the day. Goddess Lakshmi never blesses him. Lord Krishna has also explained in the Gita that a person who sleeps too much or sleeps less is never successful.

Cost more than needed

People who mourn for spending more than they need to. They never live happily. Because of these bad habits, such people will one day lose their family property. Due to his royal hobbies, such people are gradually falling into debt. Which they cannot pay. It puts them to shame in front of relatives and people in the society.

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