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Friday, August 27, 2021

Holding urine is not a manhood.. by doing this you are making a big mistake, be it a woman or a man

Urine means urinating is a normal process of the body. 
Like sweating, it is also the process of removing non-essential elements from the body. To stop urination means to keep these non-essential elements inside the body. Many times it happens that you feel urinating in the middle of some work, but you keep it.

Many times someone feels urinating in the middle of some work, gossip or party, when he is about to get up and go, his companions say, can't you stop for 2 minutes? But experts say that holding urine is not a masculine thing. Doing so is harmful to your health. Stopping urine has a bad effect on many parts of the body.

bacterial problems

Some people hold urine for a long time while sleeping at night or due to being busy in sleep or even during the day. But doctors tell that the longer you hold it, the more your bladder can grow bacteria and cause many health risks. In such a situation, you can become a victim of many types of bacterial problems.

urinary tract infection

Holding urine for a long time can increase the risk of UTI i.e. urinary tract infection. This infection spreads only due to stopping urine. Actually, human urine contains a variety of fluids but it does not contain bacteria, but when suffering from UTI, there are bacteria in the urine. When these bacteria enter the bladder or kidney and start growing, then the condition of UTI comes.

Stone in kidney

Due to holding urine for an hour or more, there are problems related to urine in women or working youth. In this there is pain in the beginning bladder. Young people working in shifts for 8 to 10 hours feel the need for urine only when they change the situation. While during this time urine keeps accumulating in the urinary bladder from the kidney.

Experts say that in such a situation, two ml of urine reaches the bladder every minute, which should be emptied every one to two hours. If there is a delay of four to five minutes in emptying the bladder, then urine starts going back to the kidney. If such a situation happens again and again, then the problem of stones starts. Because urine contains toxic elements like urea and amino acids.

retention of urine

Despite the pressure, if you hold urine for three to four minutes, then the toxic elements of urine start going back to the kidneys. This condition is called retention of urine. Apart from this, the bladder muscles also become weak due to frequent stopping of urination. This also affects the ability to urinate.

chances of kidney failure

Health experts say that kidney failure is a problem that occurs due to the sudden inability of the kidneys to filter toxic elements and residues from the blood. All types of urinary infections have a very bad effect on the kidneys. Due to excessive increase in both urea and creatinine elements in the body, they are not able to get out of the body with urine, in such a situation, the amount of blood starts increasing in it.

Its symptoms are less urine than normal, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weakness, tiredness, swelling due to fluid retention in the tissues. Therefore, instead of stopping urination, it should be expelled from the body.

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