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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Fruit For Sex: These seasonal fruits make couples' sex drive more attractive and excited, read full news here

Often couples complain that their sexual life is not as enjoyable as before. 
Till the time of marriage, everything is beautiful and fun, couples understand and give company to each other and enjoy a lot, but as the responsibilities increase, the excitement towards sex gradually decreases, which means that their Relationships are also affected. In such a situation, the relationship starts getting sour. However, some people adopt various tips to increase their sex drive, which sometimes are not successful. Here we will talk about the consumption of some seasonal fruits, which can increase the pleasure in sex-life as well as remove the problem of erectile dysfunction.

* banana

Bananas contain bromelain enzyme, which increases libido and reverse impotence in men. In addition, it is also a powerful source of potassium and vitamin B such as riboflavin, which increase the body's overall energy label. If you want to make the sex of your female partner a fantasy, then keep peeled banana pieces on her stomach and eat slowly. You both will feel a different joy. 


Avocados are high on the label of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins, providing more energy. They also contain vitamin B-6 (a nutrient that increases male hormones) and potassium (which helps regulate a woman's thyroid gland), two ingredients that help both men and women with each other's desire for sex. awaken the.


You will be surprised to know that watermelon is also called natural Viagra. A red watermelon contains a lot of antioxidants and amino acids, which work to improve blood flow. The citrulline present in a fresh watermelon keeps the blood vessels active, which reduces the problem of erectile dysfunction.


Vitamin C is found in abundance in lemon. It not only awakens you to sex, but also increases sex drive along with improving the mood. Compounds present in lemon reduce high blood pressure. The problem of erectile dysfunction is usually associated with high blood pressure. Lemon indirectly improves erectile dysfunction. Consume the juice of half a fresh lemon daily.


Vitamin C present in peach improves sperm count and sperm quality. Peaches contain high levels of vitamin C which helps in reducing infertility as well as enhances libido. Make sure to consume two to three peaches a day.


Pomegranate is not liked by all due to excessive seeds, but many nutrients are present in this fruit. According to a research, they have also proved to be very beneficial in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Research found that not only men but women who drank a cup of pomegranate juice also experienced divine pleasure in their sex drive. The antioxidants found in it are beneficial for both men and women.

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