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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Don't Make These Mistakes While Applying Colorful Eyeliner, The Look Can Be Bad

Women pay special attention to their fashion and makeup trends. These days the trend of colorful eyeliner has become quite a shadow. It gives a bold look to your eyes.

Eyeliner has become a must-have product. From office going ladies to college going young girls go out without applying it and even if necessary, it helps to give a beautiful look to your eyes. Earlier only black eyeliner is used. But now the trend of colorful eyeliner is being liked. It makes your eyes attractive. But one should know the right way to apply it.

Some girls apply it in order to follow the fashion trends. But make many mistakes. Because of which their look gets spoiled instead of good. If you also like to apply colorful eyeliner, then we are telling you about some common mistakes that you can avoid from making these mistakes.

with heavy makeup

You should never apply bold color full eyeliner with heavy makeup. It makes your look messy which does not look good at all. You can always apply green, blue and yellow or any color eyeliner with light makeup. Because because of applying these colorful eyeliners, everyone's eyes will stay on your eyes. So apply light makeup and light shade lipstick.

choose the right color

While applying colorful eyeliner, pay special attention to the color. Do not apply any color in the name of fashion. This can spoil your look. For example, if you use pink eyeliner with a red dress, then the whole look can get spoiled. In this case, apply matching eyeliner to your dress.

drawing eyes while applying liner

Many people drag their eyes while applying liner, which can spoil their shape. Always apply liner without dragging the eyes. This will give you the perfect look.

not wearing mascara

Always apply black mascara with colorful eyeliner which will give a clear and beautiful look to your eyes. Mascara works to enhance the beauty of the eyes. The partner outlines the eyes, so that the colorful eyeliner shines well. This helps you to keep the look stall.

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