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Friday, August 6, 2021

Caution: Do not wear a mask like this even by mistake, there may be trouble

Corona Precautions: Wearing a mask has been considered necessary to avoid corona virus. 
Although some people do not wear masks well. Some people often apply the mask on the face in the wrong way. This can become a problem for everyone. If the person wearing the wrong mask will get an infection, then the people around him can also get corona.

Many people say that they cannot breathe while wearing a mask. Because of this, they often leave their nose open. If you also do this, then it will not help you to wear a mask. While wearing the mask, your chin should also be completely covered. Loose masks should not be worn at all. 

It is necessary to have a complete nose cover while wearing a mask. Many people cover only the tip of the nose, this can put you in trouble. The mask is meant to cover the face. So you cover the whole face. If possible, wear glasses too. Cover your head with it as well. Wash your hands thoroughly, wear the mask with clean hands.

While wearing the mask, keep in mind that your mask is properly covering your nose, mouth and chin. Keep in mind that the elastic bands in your mask are carefully fixed behind the ears. The metallic strap of the mask should also be properly positioned on the bridge of the nose. The air that is coming inside the mask should come through the filter.

Masks once used should not be worn again. It should be changed daily. Always take off the mask while taking off its elastic or lace and remove it. Never touch the mask from outside. Hold the mask from the back side and put it in the dustbin. After this clean your hands with sanitizer.

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