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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Asthma patients should have special management in monsoon, know what experts say

Asthma Management In Monsoon: Asthma patients need special care during the monsoon season.

Asthma Management In Monsoon: Monsoon has entered the country. It is considered necessary to take special care of health in this season. Especially if you are suffering from asthma, then these days the humidity and borne bacteria present in the environment can increase your problem further. In such a situation, specialist doctors recommend special care. Let us tell you that there are about 20 million people suffering from asthma in the world, out of which one in every ten is an Indian. So let us know what are the special things that asthma patients need to keep in mind during this season.

What do the experts have to say

Network 18 during interaction of monsoon Asthma Clinical Frmokoloji department director of Fortis Hospital in Kolkata on patients' problems Dr. Does Sushmita Roy Choudhury told The monsoon Never heat and never continue to change rapidly, such as cold working trigger asthma Is.

what to keep in mind

According to Dr. Sushmita Roychowdhury, as far as possible distance should be maintained from dust etc. in this season. Apart from this, the house should be kept ventilated and there should be a system of cross ventilation in the house. The most important thing is that it is necessary for asthma patients to take their inhaler regularly.

Why Asthma Attacks Increase in Monsoon

In this season indoor dampness increases a lot and there is also the problem of dust. In such a situation, they act as a trigger for many asthma patients. There is also a possibility of common cold and influenza in this season which can prove to be dangerous for the patient.

what to keep in mind

Dr Vivek Nangia, Principal Director, Institute of Respiratory Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Max Hospital, said that in this season it is important for asthma patients to take special care of their health. In such a situation, they keep getting their checkup done and stay in regular touch with the doctor. Apart from this, keep taking your medicines and inhaler on the advice of the doctor.

Pay special attention to the storage of medicines

Dr Vivek Nangia said that dry powder inhalers used in asthma can be easily contaminated. In such a situation, store them clean, dry and in such a place where there are no dust triggering allergies etc.

Pets are at home so be careful

He told that it is important for asthma patients to keep a distance from pets, ie dogs, because their hair and dandruff can act as a trigger and they can have breathing problems. Apart from this, keep pets indoors because if they go outside, they can become a carrier of allergenic particles.

keep the house dust free

House cleaning is very important. If there are dust particles in the room, then clean them and it is better that asthma patients do not clean them themselves. By doing this they can come in contact with dust.

Smell can also act as a trigger

If you are using phenyl or lysol etc. for cleaning the house, then let us know that their smell can also act as a trigger for asthma patients.

Avoid eating cold things

As far as possible, avoid eating cold things like cold drinks, ice cream etc. Not only this, if you sleep in AC or fan, then it is better that you do not cool the room too much.

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