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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Weight has started increasing in monsoon, so control it like this, follow these 7 great tips


Monsoon Weight Loss Tips: If your weight is also increasing in this monsoon, then you can control your weight by adopting some tips.

Monsoon Weight Loss Tips: Monsoon has arrived across the country. Due to rain and corona epidemic, most of the people are working from home. To enjoy the season, the era of dumplings and samosas with tea has also started. Apart from this, spicy snacks, kachoris are being fried in every house. If eating and drinking is going on like this in your house these days, then surely the weight will also be increasing. So what should be done in the rainy season so that instead of increasing our weight, we can reduce (Weight Loss)? Come here we tell you the tips by which you can stop your weight from increasing. Know what those tips are.

1. Start the morning with green tea

To control weight, in the monsoon season, make a habit of taking green tea or lemon tea in the morning instead of milk tea. It will correct your metabolism and will help in reducing your weight. If you want, you can take low calorie cookies.


Breakfast should be like this, it is important to have breakfast healthy but there is no need to fill too many calories. You take low fat milk in the morning and eat sprouted grains together. If you want, you can steam these sprouted grains once.


Seasonal food: Eat seasonal vegetables during the rainy season. But keep in mind that instead of frying and frying them, eat them in the form of steam or salad. Or cook it well in less oil and eat it.

4. Light dinner

Always have a light dinner during the rainy season. You can include veg soup, moong dal, mixed veg in dinner. Eat brown rice or oats instead of rice. In the rain, keep in mind that dinner is not too late. The more the dinner is late, the more the stomach will come out.

5. Eat

garlic, get up in the morning and make a habit of eating one garlic bud every day. If you eat garlic with lukewarm water, then the weight will not increase.

6. Eat

almonds like this, if you eat soaked almonds on an empty stomach in the morning, it will also keep you healthy and will not allow you to gain weight. Soaked almonds do not increase fat and are also good for health.

7. Eat Fruits

Whenever there is a craving for fast food, eat banana. The ingredients present in banana eliminate the craving for fast food. Apart from this, you should consume a variety of seasonal fruits.

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