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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

There are 5 poisonous plants in the world, It take anyone's life in a matter of seconds, Know about deadly plants!

Trees and shrubs protect the environment and bring positivity. 
They bring new freshness to the environment and make it beautiful. But did you know that there are some plants that can take your life. Some of the world's trees and plants are so poisonous that they kill anyone in a matter of seconds. Today we tell you about 5 such poisonous plants, which it is better for you to stay away from. Maybe they are in your garden too.

Suicide Tree or Cerbera Odollam

Speaking of dangerous and poisonous plants, the first plant that comes to mind is the suicide tree. The name of this phone is Suicide Tree. This plant is found in Kerala and surrounding coastal areas. You will be surprised to know that this plant has caused many deaths in Kerala. Alkaloids are found inside its seeds, which can be very toxic to the heart and breath.

Kaner or Oleander-Nerium Oleander

The kaner tree will often be seen in one’s garden and its yellow flowers are also amazing to look at. But few people know that this tree is very poisonous. The Kaner plant is considered a very dangerous and deadly plant. Its consumption can cause many problems like vomiting, dizziness, loose motion etc. Not at all. If a person consumes it accidentally, then he can go into a coma. If its leaf touches your body, itching starts. Kaner is so poisonous that sitting on its flower and eating bee honey can make a person sick.

Rosary p

Another poisonous and deadly plant of this type is Rosary p. The plant is called Roger P because its seeds are used for jewelry and rosaries. Thus, the seed is not dangerous to the touch, but breaking it or chewing it proves to be extremely metallic. Ebrin is found in it, of which only 3 micrograms is enough to kill a man.

Castor or Castor Bean

Most people will know about castor. Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds. But castor seeds are highly toxic. Its seeds are so poisonous that eating one or two seeds can even kill a child. And even the old man dies after eating eight seeds. It contains a toxin called raisin which inhibits the process of making proteins inside cells. Because of this, first there is lazy and loose motion and then it leads to death of the person.

White Snackroot

Nancy Hanks, the mother of former US President Abraham Lincoln, died from the plant. This is a plant that has small white flowers. In which a toxic alcohol trematol is found. Abraham Lincoln's mother did not die from the plant but he drank the milk of the cow that the cow ate. If an animal eats this plant, the poison spreads even to the person who consumes its meat and milk.

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