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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Shirdi Sai Baba: Seven great miracles of Sai Baba of Shirdi, knowing that everyone becomes his devotee

In Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra is the holy abode of Sai devotees , which is believed that their great wishes are fulfilled just by visiting there and having darshan of Sai Baba . There is a huge temple of Sai Baba in this holy dham , which is known as one of the richest temples of the world . Where every day someone keeps offering a large amount of offerings at the feet of Sai . In fact , Sai Baba of many wired wonders of this sacred place , which everyone knowing someone comes in that direction in his court . Yun live even hundreds of miracles associated with Sai Baba of Shirdi and ever new show to their people ,But today we know that seven big miracles of Baba, due to which everyone in the whole world chants his name with reverence and faith –

1- started burning with water

Recognize that Sai Baba day around - near the temple - were lit by the mosque lamp . Around to - used to also ask the shoppers have oil , but once they did not get any oil from anywhere, they replace the oil in the lamp is returned quietly and dark shed water . After that the water was given to him . The water lamps also lit up with Baba's miracle .

2- The increased  water  of the dry well 

Several miracles of Baba This story is then , when Baba had Shirdi . It is said that there was a lot of water shortage in those days . There the wells were almost dry . The people of Shirdi used to have a lot of trouble for water due to the low water level . When people told this problem to Sai Baba, he asked his devotees to put a drop on his palm and put it in the well . Amazingly the drop turned into a flower . After this those flowers came out with the water raising the water level of the well .

3- When the rain stopped

It is said that once in Shirdi, Rai Bahadur of that time came to see Baba along with his family . After darshan, when he started going to his house, it started raining heavily . His departure was very important , so he requested Baba to stop the rain and bring him home safely . Suffice it to say that surprisingly the rain stopped in a short time .

4- Extinguishing fire of burning crop

It is believed that once there was a very good harvest in Shirdi . When a devotee of Baba reached him, Baba told him that your field has caught fire . When he went and saw, there was nothing like that there . He then came back to them and told Baba that there was no such thing . Baba again asked him to go once . When he went, he found his fields on fire . When the people of the village failed to extinguish that terrible fire, Baba extinguished the fire at once with water in his hand .

5- Black Cow's Milk

Once Sai Baba's guru Vaikunsh asked him to bring black cow's milk, so he kept searching for it for a long time . When they found the black cow, it came to know that it does not give milk . On this, Sai Baba put his hand on that cow and told its owner that after milking it, it will give milk . Amazingly the cow gave milk and he took it to his guru .

6- Sweet fruits on neem

In Shirdi, Sai Baba used to do yoga under a neem tree . It is said that when Baba did not get alms, he used to chew bitter nibolia of neem . It is believed that half part of this neem tree produces bitter and half part sweet nibolia .

7- Saved the girl child from drowning

It is said that once a three-year-old girl fell into a well . The girl was the beloved of Sai Baba , who used to call herself Baba's sister . When people ran to the well, some unknown hands must have held them . Soon people took him out . It is believed that she was saved from drowning by the grace of Sai .

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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