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Friday, July 16, 2021

Sex hormones reduce the risk of heart attack in men, these serious diseases also benefit

At present, the way people's lifestyle is changing, in the same way diseases are also increasing and in the meantime the risk of heart attack has also increased rapidly. According to the World Health Federation, a person in whose family his close relatives have suffered a heart attack, that person is at risk of heart attack in the future. A special research has been done to overcome the increasing cases of diseases like heart attack and stroke.

Heart attack will be less due to sex hormones

According to the report of Hindustan Times, research has revealed that the risk of heart attack and stroke in men can be reduced to a great extent through testosterone therapy, the sex hormone found in men. Along with this, researchers say that if a man is deficient in the hormone testosterone, then by supplementing it, he can be protected from the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Research completed in 10 years

According to the report, this research has been completed in 10 years, which has been presented at the European Association of Urology Congress. More than 800 men from Germany and Qatar were included in this study on people with testosterone deficiency.

research done like this

Long-term testosterone replacement therapy was given to more than half of the men involved in the research. Along with this, apart from staying away from alcohol and cigarettes, he was advised to exercise regularly and take healthy diet. The men taking testosterone replacement therapy were then compared to men who were not taking this therapy.

Shocking results came in research

According to the report, out of 412 men taking testosterone therapy, 16 died due to some other reason. At the same time, out of 393 men who did not take testosterone therapy, 70 men died due to heart attack. Of these, the cause of death of 59 was heart stroke.

These problems are caused by the lack of testosterone

Testosterone deficiency causes problems such as loss of appetite, depression, decreased sexual desire and weight gain in men.

Many other improvements from taking therapy

According to the report, many other health-related improvements were also seen in men taking testosterone therapy during the research. During this, the increased weight of some men was reduced, while the muscles of some became stronger. In addition, the cholesterol levels and liver of some men improved. Not only this, due to low high blood pressure, his diabetes was also under control.

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