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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Palmistry: These special palm yoga gives immense wealth and fame, check in your hand too

Special Yogas formed in the hand indicate that a person becomes the owner of immense wealth and gets all kinds of happiness. Such people are also very famous. 

Some people have such special yogas in their hand lines or in their horoscope, seeing which it is believed that the person will reach some great place. Many times such people are born in an ordinary family and do extraordinary things. Such people are very few and luck is very kind to them. Today we know about some such special yogas mentioned in the Hastrekha Shastra, which give information about the person being special and his being very successful. 

These are the special yogas that open luck 

Gajalakshmi Yoga: If the fate line in both the hands starts from the place of the wrist and goes to the mount of Saturn and the sun line is clear, uncut, as well as the Sun mountain is well developed and reddened, then it forms Gajalakshmi yoga. Along with this, it is also necessary to have a clear head line, heart line and age line in the hand. The business, fame of such people spreads to the country and abroad. They get all kinds of happiness in life.

Laxmi Yoga: If the mounts of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon are well developed and are red, then this condition forms Laxmi Yoga. The work in which such people work hard, they definitely get success. These people also get every comfort, a happy family in life. 

Bhagya Yoga: If the fate line is clear and long in both the hands, as well as starting from the mount of Jupiter or starting from the mount of Moon, then Bhagya Yoga is formed. Those who have this yoga in their hands, that person gets immense wealth. Also he gets a lot of fame. The cooperation of the wife is important in the progress of such people. 

Shubhkartari Yoga: If the middle part of the palm is pressed and deep. Apart from this, if the Sun and the Guru mountain are well developed, if the fate line reaches the Shani mountain, then auspicious yoga is formed in the hand. Such a person, along with getting all the opulences of the world, is also the owner of an attractive personality. It earns money from many sources. 

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