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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Never take medicine with tea or juice, there may be danger

Health Care Tips: Many times when we are sick, we eat medicine with tea. 
Sometimes we take medicine with juice. By doing this it leaves a bad effect on our health. If you also do this then today you need to be careful. Taking medicine with tea or juice can have a very bad effect on your life.

If you do this then your life can be in trouble. By the way, most people take medicine with water. However, those who eat medicine with tea or juice, it proves to be very dangerous for the health of the people. Research by the Indian Medical Association has found that eating medicine with citrus fruits is very dangerous.

Taking medicine along with juice slows down the recovery process. Apart from this, citrus fruit juices reduce the effect of the medicine in your body. The effect of antibiotics drugs is greatly reduced by juice. The juice reduces the absorption capacity of the medicine. Tea, on the other hand, contains tannins. This chemical reaction takes place with the medicine.

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