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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Never put these things on the face even after forgetting it, the face will become ugly


Along with beneficial home remedies for the face, we should also know what should not be applied on the face.

We apply a lot on the face for problems like pimples, dry skin etc. Home remedies are beneficial, but we should be careful while adopting them. Because applying some things on the face can be harmful. Instead of enhancing the beauty of your face, it can cause ugliness. Do not put the things mentioned here on your face even by mistake, because it can increase the problems of your face more.

What should not be applied on the face? (What not to apply on face)
We keep reading that what problems are cured by applying what on the face. But very few read what should not be applied on the face. Avoid applying the things mentioned below on your face.

Body Lotion on face In
India, many people apply body lotion on the face. They feel that it can be used instead of face cream and sunscreen. But this is wrong. Body lotion is thick and oily, which is made only for the body. Applying it on the face can cause problems of oily skin, allergies etc.

Mayonnaise (Mayonnaise Benefits)
Recently, mayonnaise is being used for hair apart from burgers and sandwiches. Incorporating mayonnaise is being recommended in many DIY treatments to make hair healthy. But never use it as a face pack. Because, the nature of mayonnaise is acidic and it acts as an antiseptic. Due to which the pores of your skin are not able to breathe freely and there may be a problem of acne and pimples.

It is quite common in India to apply soap on the face while taking a bath. But as common as it is, it is equally harmful for the face. Because, using soap can also take away the natural moisture from the face and make your skin dry. Itching and burning are common problems due to dry skin. Instead, use a mild face wash.

Warm water for face
We read that lukewarm water is beneficial for the face. This opens the pores of the face. But we should know the difference between lukewarm water and hot water. Because, washing your face with very hot water can lose the natural moisture from the outer skin of your face and you may have problems of burning, itching and dry skin.

Hydrogen peroxide for face
It is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide in many home remedies for acne. Hydrogen peroxide is believed to help destroy the bacteria that cause acne. But we should know that it can also destroy skin cells. Due to which your skin's ability to repair itself after wounds and wounds can be reduced and scars can remain.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given only for the purpose of education.

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