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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How many times should you change your password? Google CEO shared some special tips

Often people are given many tips about changing the password so that the account can be kept safe from hacking etc. 
Because whether it is a smartphone or Google ID or any messaging app, it is very important to set a password for personal security. In such a situation, this time Sundar Pichai, CEO of tech giant Google, has shared some such password related tips with people which can be very useful for you. Sundar Pichai has told how often you should change the password? 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has shared information about some of his technical habits. In which he has told how much screen time should be for children. Along with this, information has also been given about when and how often you should change the password. Not only this, he has also shared how many mobile phones he uses. 

How long should children use screens?
According to a report, in an interview given to BBC, Sundar Pichai was asked how long does he allow his children to be on the screen? In response, he told that he gives his children the freedom to set their own limits. He believes that it is like a personal responsibility and he should take his own decision. In such a situation, when he was asked what are the side effects of tech for children? So he said that if we look at the history of tech, we are often intimidated about technology. 

How often to change the password,
this is a very special question related to the necessary tech and everyone wants to know the answer. Especially it is very interesting to know about this from the CEO of Google. According to the report, when Sundar Pichai was asked how often he changes his password, he told that he does not change his password frequently. Talking about passwords, he advised people to adopt two-factor authentication, which is very important for security.

How many phones does Google CEO use?
When Sundar Pichai was asked which phone he uses, he gave a very shocking answer. Pichai told that he uses more than 20 phones at a time for different tasks. He said that I constantly change the phone and keep trying new phones. Also, I always keep testing the phone.

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