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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Garuda Purana: Why is it forbidden to burn dead bodies after sunset, know the reason!

Sixteen sacraments have been told in Hinduism from birth to death. 
The last of these, that is, the sixteenth rite is the rite after death, in which some rules have been made regarding the final farewell of the person. A big rule in these rules is that the cremation of any person should never be done after sunset. Also, at the time of cremation, the person performing the funeral rituals by taking water in a pot with a hole, revolves around the dead body placed on the pyre and finally breaks the pot. These rites have also been mentioned in the Garuda Purana. Know what is about it.

According to Garuda Purana, cremation after sunset is considered against scripture, that is why if someone dies in the night, then his body is kept in custody and the cremation is done the next day. It is believed that after the sunset, the gates of heaven are closed and the gates of hell open. In such a situation, the soul has to suffer the troubles of Hell, as well as it is believed that in the next life, there may be defects in any part of such a person.

Apart from this, during the cremation, there is also a law to break the pyre by circumambulating the pyre with a pitcher with holes. There is a belief behind this that this is done for the disillusionment of the dead person. The story of the person's life is displayed during the parikrama. In this, man is considered as a pitcher and the water present in it is his time. Every single drop of water dripping from the pitcher decreases its lifespan and in the end the body ends by breaking the pot and the soul present in the body becomes free. Through this method, the attachment between the body and its soul is dissolved.

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