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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Due to the closure of schools and colleges, children are also facing many types of physical and mental problems.

Due to the closure of schools or colleges, people of almost all communities are facing social and economic losses. However, its impact is especially on the school children, because they are not only deprived of their studies, but many other negative changes have also been seen which are indirectly related to their schools. Which we will talk about today.

Changes in Eating and Sleeping Patterns: Many children and young people are facing changes in their eating and sleeping habits. Since the start of the lockdown, there has been a major change in the lifestyle pattern for both the children and their families. Due to not going to school, children eat late and sleep late due to which their routine changes a lot. This can have a negative impact on the health of the child.

Stress: Staying home for a long time, listening to the news, not being able to meet friends or dealing with family stress throughout the year has increased the level of stress and depression in children.

Discipline : In the absence of alternatives, working parents are often forced to leave their children alone, as work has now resumed in many offices and this has encouraged behavior change. When left alone, they do things of their own free will which are completely correct, it is not necessary.

Lack of physical activity: Children are forced to stay at home since the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has forced them to stop their sports and other activities. In such a situation, problems like weight gain and lethargy have increased in many children.

Impact on health: Laptops and smartphones have become the daily use gadgets of children. They cannot live without them nowadays. They need to complete and delegate their school and college tasks with the help of these gadgets. But the problem is that these electronic gadgets are affecting their eyes.

Lack of Technology: No work is now possible without a smartphone and a good internet connection. However, many youths are facing problems regarding technology because neither they nor their parents are fully aware of the technology. This problem is seen more in children from poor families.

Study pressure : Many weak students take advantage of online assessment as they easily cheat or take help from their parents during exams. This creates pressure on the students who are good in studies. Such students often feel bad and less confident in themselves.

Distance from society: Schools are the hub of social activity and human interaction. Many children and youth have been cut off from social interaction since the day schools closed, which is vital to their learning and development.

Learning Challenges: Time- bound assessments, stringent examinations ensure admission to new education levels and institutions, and an environment of chaos since the school's closure. Strategies to postpone, cancel exams, especially in the face of changes in access to learning, have raised serious concerns about fairness. Problems in assessment have led to stress in students and their families and can lead to increased alienation.

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