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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Do you know the right way to take the birth control pill? Use this to prevent unwanted pregnancy

The sooner you take contraceptive pills after sex, the sooner it will have an effect on your body.

Are you worried about your sex life? Do you think about safe sex? If you have tension thinking about unwanted pregnancy, then there is absolutely no need to fear or worry because by using contraceptive medicine, you can save yourself from unwanted pregnancy. However, regular use of contraceptive medicines should be avoided as they can have a very bad effect on health. Actually a hormone called levonorgestrel is used in contraceptive pills. It is also called morning after pill. Women can take this medicine to avoid unwanted pregnancy. With this, she can save herself from the stay of unwanted pregnancy. Let us know the right way to take it.

Effects of contraceptive pills and the right way to take them
This pill works on the basis of the current period cycle. This pill can stop ovulation or postpone it further. It prevents the implantation of the fertilized embryo. However, this pill will not work if you are already pregnant. According to the news of Webmd , even if you have had unprotected sex after taking this pill, it will not have any effect. You should take this pill after every unprotected sex or else you can get pregnant.

The sooner you take birth control pills after sex, the sooner it will affect your body. If you take this pill immediately after having unprotected sex or within 24 hours, then it can prove to be more effective. If you do not delay in taking it, then you will get to see its correct results. At the same time, you have to take only one pill at a time. If you experience any physical discomfort after taking the pill, consult a doctor immediately.

Benefits of taking the morning after pill
This pill provides emergency protection to women after unprotected sex. It also protects you from getting pregnant after having unprotected sex. You can buy this pill from any medical shop without any doctor's prescription.

Disadvantages of Contraceptive Pills
If you are pregnant then you should not take this pill. Do not take this pill at all even if you are in danger of becoming pregnant. If you have ever experienced any problem after taking the morning after pill or if you are allergic to it, then you should not take this pill. Due to this you are likely to have an anaphylaxis reaction.

contraceptive pills side effects
anyway after taking this pill that side effects of this pill are very low but may abdominal pain, headache, fatigue, nausea Feel like coming There may be a change in your period cycle, you may feel dizzy, feel pain and tightness in your breasts, or you may vomit frequently.

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