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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Do not do this work after to have sexual intercourse, otherwise you will be in big trouble

Sexual intercourse gives you benefits physically and mentally. 
But if you make some mistakes after having sex, then your health can also have a bad effect. By doing these things or mistakes, you can trouble your throat and make yourself a victim of infection and sexually transmitted diseases. Let us know what you should not do after sexual intercourse mistakes.

Do not make these mistakes after sexual intercourse After having sex,

some things should be taken care of very much, so that you can stay away from any feared danger.

Do not wash
hands After having sex, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap before touching your mouth, nose, eyes or anything else with your hands. Because, during sexual intercourse, your hands come in contact with the genitals. Due to which the bacteria of the private part can be present on your hands and you may have a bacterial infection.

Sleeping wearing tight clothes

After sexual intercourse, your mind and body get relaxed and you start falling asleep. But you should not wear tight clothes while sleeping. Because after having sex, your body temperature remains high and sweating continues for a long time. If you sleep wearing tight clothes, then there may be a risk of itching or allergies on the genital and skin.

Women should not make this mistake after sex: How to wash the genitalia

According to health experts, women often make this mistake. You should not clean the genitalia with any harsh products (products containing chemicals) or soap immediately after having sex. Because the genitals of women become sensitive after intercourse and harsh products can harm her health. Instead, they can wait a few minutes and wash with warm water.

Use of Wet Wipes
Some people use wet wipes to clean the genitals after intercourse. which can be harmful. Wet wipes contain artificial fragrance and chemicals, which can harm your genitalia. This can give you allergies and rashes.

Mistake after sex: Whether

female or male, not urinating , one must urinate within an hour of having sex. Because after intercourse many bacteria and microorganisms can be present on the private part of male and female partner. Due to which they can get sexually transmitted infection. These infections are called urinary tract infections.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given only for the purpose of education.

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