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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Do not be tension free, if cancer has stopped, it can be more dangerous: research

Cancers Switch Off Evade Treatment: Even after the cancer patient is cured, it is important to keep an eye on any changes happening in his own body.

Cancers Switch Off Evade Treatment: If you are a cancer patient and your cancer has stopped after treatment, then surely this will be news of great relief for you and your family members. But despite this, you need to be careful about yourself. It has been found in new research that many times cancer cells stop spreading in the body for a few days to avoid treatment and as soon as those strong drugs Their immunity against them gets stronger, they start spreading in the body by becoming stronger again. Prominent cancer cell magazine 's went said in a research (Research) published.

Cancer cells switch themselves off

According to research, when a person has cancer, the help of many types of medicines and treatment is taken for its treatment. In such a situation, cancer cells sometimes stop growing for a few days to save their own existence and doctors feel that the cancer has stopped growing and the patient's cancer is under control. But the truth is that it doesn't actually happen. When the treatment is stopped, the cancer cells build their own immunity against those drugs and treatments, and when their immunity starts working against the drugs, they start growing more and more strong again.

now only two main categories of cancer

According to a new study published in the journal Cancer Cell, according to new research, all cancers can be placed in two categories. In research, when all cancers were linked to each other, it was found that all cancer cells either contain S-associated protein ie YAP (YAP) or they do not. That is, all cancer cells are either in the yap on category or are in the yap off category.

Benefit in treatment: With

this research, doctors can get a lot of benefit in the treatment of cancer. In fact, looking at the symptoms and treatment of cancer, the two categories that have come up in research, with the help of this, can be of great help in the treatment of cancer. Not only this, the assessment of similar symptoms, their treatment and effect and new research can also provide a lot of convenience.

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