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Monday, July 12, 2021

Change these habits today for a sharp mind, otherwise it may have a bad effect


Avoid These Habits Its Bad For Your Brain: There are some of our Habits which affect our health as well as our brain. Know what those habits are...

Avoid These Habits Its Bad For Your Brain : In today's hectic life, mental stress is not less. Sometimes mental stress can also harm health. We cannot remove stress from our life but we can manage it and reduce its effect. But sometimes these stresses increase instead of decreasing due to some of our habits, which has an effect on our brain. So let us know here that by changing the habits in your daily routine, we can save the mind from any kind of damage.

1. Laziness in Workout

This is a very common habit which is found in most of the people. But it is important to know that to keep the brain muscles active, it is necessary to lead an active life. For this it is not necessary that you go to the gym and do workouts, if you want, you can also do yoga etc. sitting at home. Morning walk is also a great thing to keep your mind better.

2. Not staying hydrated

Many times people get so busy in work that they do not remember to drink water. But this habit of yours can have a bad effect on your mind.

3. If you have a habit of eating too much sweet,   then change it. Eating too much sugar can damage your memory. Instead of eating sweets, eat healthy things that keep your mind healthy.

4. Excessive use of mobile

mobile The radiation emitted from the mobile damages the brain cells, due to which you can be vulnerable to many problems like lack of sleep, lethargy throughout the day, headache and stress. In this case, use mobile less. 

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