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Monday, July 12, 2021

Caution: Brinjal vegetable is like poison for these people, should not be eaten even by mistake

Lifestyle: Eggplant vegetable is one such vegetable, which is easily available in every season throughout the year. Brinjal vegetable can be eaten cooked in many forms. Many different dishes are made from it. Magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, anti-oxidants, many types of vitamins, sodium, copper, potassium, zinc, manganese etc. elements present in brinjal are very beneficial for our health.

Consumption of brinjal vegetable is very beneficial for health. But for some people the consumption of brinjal can prove to be very harmful. Especially for some people it is necessary to avoid eating brinjal because brinjal can have a bad effect on their body. Let us know which people should keep distance from eating brinjal.

Brinjal fulfills the deficiency of iron in the body. That's why people who have problems with anemia. They should keep distance from eating brinjal. Along with this, women should not consume brinjal during periods. Otherwise it can bring about lack of blood in the body. Along with this, if you are suffering from piles or if you have a problem of nosebleeds, then keep distance from eating brinjal. Otherwise it can prove to be poison for your health.

Eggplant contains an element called nanucin, which obstructs the formation of our blood vessels. Therefore pregnant women should not consume eggplant. Because it can prove fatal for their child. Apart from this, people who have stone problems, they should stay away from brinjal. Actually, oxalate is found in eggplant, which can increase the problems of kidney stones. At the same time, oxalate also has an adverse effect on the absorption of calcium in the body, due to which the bones and teeth of the body become weak.

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