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Monday, July 12, 2021

Blood Donate: Don't make these mistakes before donating blood, it can be harmful for you

By donating blood, you save many lives on one hand, but if you do not take care of these things, then you can put your body in trouble. In this news, you will be able to know what things you have to take special care of before donating blood.

New Delhi: Even today in our country, due to lack of blood, many times patients have to lose their lives. The main reason for this is the fear among people regarding blood donation. Recently, on June 14, 'World Blood Donor Day' has been celebrated across the country. Its main purpose is to motivate people for blood donation.

Even today there are many people who shy away from donating blood due to lack of information, while there are many people who make big mistakes during blood donation due to lack of information. Today we are going to tell you how you can save the life of a needy by making your blood donation successful by taking care of small things.

Important things before donating blood

1. To donate blood, you must be between 18 years and 65 years of age and your weight must be at least 45 kg. If this is not the case, the person donating blood may feel dizzy along with weakness.

2. The second and most important condition of blood donation is that the person has not smoked 2 hours before donating blood and has not consumed alcohol in the body for about 24 hours before. People who do not smoke and do not take alcohol in any way are considered the best for blood donation.

3. One should not starve before donating blood. He must eat something or the other before donating blood, along with this, it is also necessary for him to take full sleep for 8 hours before donating blood.

4. The blood pressure of the person is counted before blood donation. Along with this, hemoglobin in the blood is also tested. The blood donor must have a hemoglobin count of up to 12.5g/dL.

5. Apart from this, one should keep himself calm while donating blood and should not panic after seeing the blood being filled in the bag. 

6. After donating blood, it is necessary for the person to lie down comfortably for about 10 minutes. At the same time, one should get up only after checking the doctor. Apart from this, any kind of healthy and fluid should be consumed after donating blood. In such cases, people think it is best to drink fruit juice.

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