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Friday, July 30, 2021

Big wonder at a young age: 10 year old girl made paper from vegetable peels, it is eco-friendly

A class VI student in Bangalore has taken a unique initiative towards environmental protection. He has made paper from onion, garlic and tomato peels.

In an effort to improve the waste management system, a Bangalore student has done a great job at a young age. A class VI student took a unique initiative to make paper from onion, garlic and tomato peels. A 10-year-old student made a paper out of vegetable peels and gave the message of environmental protection. United Nations-Water has appreciated Harsha's efforts in saving the environment.

At a young age, the girl did a great job

The student has been actively involved in green initiatives and spends most of her time campaigning for nature conservation. Harsha, who grew up amidst the greenery at her grandmother's house, was always drawn to her by nature. As soon as he realized the concern over the dumping of garbage in the city, he made up his mind to stop the growing menace. Later she created a blog to make people aware about environmental protection, and wrote five books on the subject of nature.

Recently, he launched a cleanliness drive to tackle the problem of persistent garbage pollution at Markonahalli Dam and Varka Beach. He told that the initial attempts to convert the peels into paper were not easy and did not succeed, but after several failures he got success and it was possible to convert onion peels into paper. During the summer vacations, she suggested a unique trick to save thousands of trees at no cost.

paper made from vegetable peels

One of her posts on Instagram explained, "Recycled paper saves energy and helps prevent deforestation. In India, the average daily kitchen waste is one kilo, if every person converts vegetable peels to paper." If we start recycling in the U.S., everyone can contribute to mitigating the ecological crisis."

She further added, "The world is facing a big problem related to paper and deforestation. If you can make paper from kitchen waste at home, then definitely paper shopping will be reduced. It's like any other household paper. You can write, paint, fold and do art."

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