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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Be careful: Hair color can become the cause of cancer


In today's age, due to poor food, dust, soil, sunlight and pollution, the hair of people is starting to turn white at an early age. To get rid of this, we dye white hair and blacken it. But using them continuously or more can prove very harmful for your health.

People use different types of hair color. But recent research has shown that if you use permanent hair dye, it increases your risk of getting many types of cancer, such as breast cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer etc. Most of the hair dyes are applied by women, which makes them more prone to it. If you use permanent hair dye.

This puts you at highest risk of breast cancer, overion cancer and skin cancer. But it depends on how much and how often you use it on your hair. According to scientists, the darker the color of hair dye, the more the concentration of chemicals is found in it, so the danger becomes even greater.

Excessive use of hair color invites not only cancer but also other diseases, such as skin allergies to hair color - If your skin is sensitive, then you should avoid using these hair colors, because it will soon cause allergy problems. Might be possible. Sometimes people also get itchy or red pimples problem.

Harmful to the eyes - When we apply hair color on our hair, then the hair color can enter our eyes, which can also reduce our eyesight. Because it contains deadly chemicals that can damage the retina.

Shortness of breath to asthma patients- In the hair colors that we use, a type of chemical called 'Parsulfate' is found, which is fatal for asthma patients, by its smell, the patient can breathe. There may be trouble.

The risk of skin cancer is also high - Whatever color dye we use, there are some chemicals that promote the risk of cancer in the body. This increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that only after applying it once or twice, if the skin starts getting allergic, then that hair color should be stopped immediately.

Hair loss problem- The chemicals found in it with the continuous use of hair dye can cause problems for the growth of our hair, due to which the problem of baldness can also occur.

Keep these things in mind while using- Instead of permanent, you should apply temporary or homemade hair dye in your hair. Be sure to wear gloves with polyethylene in your hands before dissolving, applying and releasing hair dye. Do not leave it for longer than the instructions for applying it.

Do not use two different brands or two different dyes by mixing them together as this can prove to be dangerous. If after burning hair dye there is any irritation on your skin, eye irritation, difficulty in breathing or any other problem, consult your doctor immediately.

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