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Sunday, June 27, 2021

This three legged person lived for 77 years, remained a mystery for the whole life

Ajab Gajab News: You must have seen many strange things in the world, but have you ever seen a person with three legs? 
Nature has made every human being in the world equal. Everyone has made two legs, two hands, two eyes, one nose, one mouth. All people on earth are almost beans, except in appearance and stature.

Even after this, some human beings have been created by nature, which are seen in the most different way in the society. One such person was born in the 19th century. This man was the most bizarre person in the world. Actually, this person had three legs, not two legs. This man named Francesco Frank Lentini was born on 18 May 1889 on the Italian island of Sicily.

This man was extraordinary from the children born in the world. Who had three legs. You must be thinking that because of the three legs, this person would not have lived for long. But this is wrong. Despite all this, Francesco lived on earth for 77 years. Francesco was the fifth of his 12 siblings.

When he was very young, his parents sent him to live with his uncle and aunt. Here he was brought up. His career also started here. You will be surprised to know that in addition to three legs, Lentini also had four legs and two genitals. His fourth leg had protruded from near the knee of his third leg. He was not fully developed.

It is said that Lentini was suffering from a type of disorder. In this, half a twin child was attached to his body. That 'half child' was attached near his spine. Frank Lentini had to live his entire life with only three legs, four legs and two genitals. He had never tried to have his extra organs removed.

The doctors had clearly said that if he had his extra limbs removed, he could be paralyzed and he could be permanently paralyzed, because the third leg he had was very close to his spinal cord. When Frank was 12 years old, a circus owner named Vincenzo Magnano suggested him to join the circus. Frank liked this suggestion.

After this Frank was admitted to the circus. Very soon Frank became the first choice of the audience. Even though he had three legs, he had amazing agility. He used to kick football with his third leg, which was liked by the people. He was also a spotless answer and used to win the hearts of the audience with his answer.

Frank used to use his third leg as a stool. He used to sit on it. People always asked him the question, from where does he buy a three-legged shoe for himself? To which Frank would reply that he always buys two pairs of shoes and gives an extra shoe to his one legged friend.

Let us tell you that in the year 1907, Frank also married a woman named Theresa Murray. He also had four children from this marriage. Although both of them did not stay together for life. In the year 1935, both of them separated. After this, Frank married another woman named Helen Shupe, who remained with him until his death. On September 21, 1966, at the age of 77, Frank died in Tennessee, USA.

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