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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Side effects and allergy of eating mango could be dangerous for health

The summer season is going on and the sale of mangoes has started in the markets. 
Everyone likes the sweet-smelling aroma of mango and everyone likes to eat it. That is why mango is called the king of fruits. Be it children or old people, everyone likes to eat mangoes. Along with the common test, it is also healthy. Vitamin A, C and D are found in mango. Consuming mango in summer also protects from heatstroke, but consuming more than limiting mango can become a problem for you. Today we are going to tell you about the harm caused by eating mango.

Mango consumption increases weight

Let us tell you that mango contains a lot of calories, although mango calories are not harmful for the body, but if you consume more mangoes, then your weight can increase, so it would be better for those who are trying to lose weight. Consume that mango only in limited quantity.

There may be acne problem

Mangoes are hot, so if you eat more mangoes, then you may have to face the problem of getting pimples and acne. Those who are already troubled by the problem of acne, they should consume mango in limited quantity, otherwise the problem may increase further.

Mango increases blood sugar

Apart from this, mango season is very painful for diabetic patients, despite being such a tasty fruit, they should stay away from it. Because the natural sugar present in mango is so high that sugar people should keep distance from mango.

Eating mango can cause stomach upset

Not only this, eating too much mango can spoil your digestion. Because mango is difficult to digest, apart from the high amount of fiber in it, so excessive consumption of mango can cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

Allergies are also common

Let us tell you that many people are also allergic to mangoes. Therefore, mango should be consumed in limited quantity. It would be better to consume only one mango in a day.

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