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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Please read this news before applying mascara in the eyes of innocent children, never make such a mistake

In almost all families in a country like India, when a baby is born, mascara is applied to the eyes or forehead to protect it from the evil eye. 
But there has always been a debate about how suitable mascara is for children's tender eyes. However, pediatricians never advise it. Yet in many homes children are forced to do this work. There is a belief behind it that black dots do not make children noticeable. However, doctors say that applying mascara to children's eyes can be harmful. Can act as a poison.

Research has shown that it acts as a toxin for children's health. This leads to higher gut absorption in children. And its nervous system is still in the process of development. At such times the lead in the soot acts like a poison.

That is why eye mascara should not be applied

In fact, large quantities of lead are used to make soot. Which proves to be very dangerous to health. It can also adversely affect the kidneys, brain, bone marrow and other body parts. Let me tell you, if the level of lead in the blood rises, the man goes into a coma. And may even die. At such a time, if lead enters the body of small innocent children, the danger definitely increases.

Soot of any kind is not safe

In some homes children are given homemade mascara and it is said to be natural, but let me tell you that even homemade mascara is not safe. The carbon present in it can be harmful to children's eyes. At the same time, mascara is applied to the child's eyes with a finger, which also increases the risk of infection in their eyes.

Legend and truth

It is believed that if mascara is applied to a child's eyes every day, his eyes and eyelids will get bigger, which is quite irrational.

It is said that applying mascara makes children sleep longer, while no such research has come out yet. Even without this, children sleep 18 to 19 hours a day.

As far as home-made mascara is concerned, the carbon present there can be harmful to children's eyes. Apart from this, applying it with a finger can also cause eye infections.

Applying mascara protects the child from the evil eye, while there is no scientific basis for this.

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